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The Culture policy will have a budget of approximately 838 million euros in 2018, increasing by 4.4 percent over the previous year. In other words, the total budget is increased by 35 million euros compared to 2017, but cinematographic policies are not affected, they practically remain as they are. The Bill of the General State Budget for 2018 (PGE) now begins a complicated parliamentary process.
Finally, it seems that the only nod to the cinema this year in the budgets has been the announced reduction of VAT on tickets that will go from 21 to 10 percent. The rest of the cinematographic policies will change little in 2018. The Cinematography program has an endowment for 2018 of almost 86 million euros a figure similar to 2017. Specifically, the PGE 2018, which now begins its parliamentary process and, consequently , will be amended, allocate a total of 85.68 million euros to the cinema, compared to 84.86 million in 2017, also before its approval in Congress. That is to say, the budget for the cinema grows in little more than 820,000 euros, this means that it does not reach even one percent increase.
Within this film program, the endowment of the Cinematography Protection Fund for this year is almost 71 million euros, exactly 70.76 million euros, compared to 70 million in 2017, which represents an increase of 766,000 euros. With these almost 71 million, this year the aid for the production of feature films on the project, short films on the project already made and, temporarily, aid for the amortization of feature films whose commercial premiere was produced before December 31, 2016 , the great burden for this term and the next one, whose estimated total amount is about 63 million euros. The ICAA has already agreed with the Treasury and the sector that the payment of these grants be made in two years so as not to impair their ability to maneuver. That is, the first half of the last remaining repayment aid will be effective this year for films that were released until September 30, 2016, inclusive. The other half, for the rest of the titles released from October 1 to December 31, 2016, will already be paid in the year of 2019.
Following the Cinematography budget, ICAA personnel expenses in 2018 amount to just over 6.8 million euros, a little more than in 2017, which was 6.6 million. The Malaga Festival and the Ibero-American of Huelva keep their allocations at 100,000 and 80,000 euros, respectively. In the case of the San Sebastian Festival, this year's subsidy is 1.1 million euros, that is, 100,000 euros more than in 2017 and returns to the figure granted in 2015. The contribution to Casa is also maintained at 20,000 euros of Buñuel in Calanda.
The aid to other national and international festivals and markets is the same as in the last three years: 155,000 euros. The Mediadesk Spain office, which will receive 100,000 euros, also repeats the allocation of the last years; the association of women filmmakers CIMA, with 20,000 euros and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Spain, with 180,000 euros. This year, the Entity for the Management of the Rights of Audiovisual Producers, EGEDA, receives 40,000 euros for the internationalization of the sector. Finally, they surprise the 45,000 euros budgeted for the extinct confederation of FAPAE producers, in bankruptcy proceedings.
However, cinema aid in 2018 will not differ much from that of 2017. The amount allocated to cinema aid in 2017 was 71,675,000 euros and 70,342,905.74 euros were finally executed. Last year the amount executed for selective aid for the production of feature films on the project was 5.3 million euros. In the case of General aid for the production of feature films about the project, the amount was 30 million euros. To the amortization of feature films, 32,375,000 euros were allocated, of which 31,138,714 euros were executed, 96.18 percent of the total budgeted. The aid for the distribution of Spanish, community and Latin American films was 2.5 million euros. For the Aid for the participation and promotion of films in international festivals, half a million euros were reserved and 424,430.70 euros were finally used, 84.89 percent of the budget. Aid for the production of short films on the project was 600,000 euros and 579,760.80 euros were finally spent, 96.63 percent. Finally, the Aid for the production of short films made was 400,000 euros. That said, 2018 will repeat these amounts almost point by point.
According to the PGE 2018 text, the general objectives of the Culture policy will revolve in 2018 around the promotion of a quality cultural offer; the update of the cultural protection legal framework; the promotion of a social alliance for culture; the extension of the Spanish culture beyond our borders and the impulse of the creative activity. The General State Budget project for 2018 reflects a budget increase for the Secretary of State for Culture of 4.92 percent over the previous year, reaching 569.1 million euros.
Evolution of the last years
In the Bill of the General State Budget for 2017 (PGE), the cinematography program grew by 13 percent although the landscape also changed little. The game for the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Sciences (ICAA) then grew 13 percent to reach 86.9 million euros. The Cinematography Protection Fund reached 70 million euros in the 2017 budgets, which represented 10 million more compared to the previous year. These extra 10 million would be destined to pay the amortization aid for the films released in 2015, since the general aid for the production of feature films about the project in principle
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